On the Edge of the Loch: A Psychological Novel set in Ireland

by Joseph Éamon Cummins

An Amazon #1 Bestseller — moving, realistic and occasionally frightening, this edge-of-seat adventure is a modern-day story of two men and two women, four exceptional but very different people, each obsessed with a dream. It explores sanity and survival in battle with no-way-back urges, primarily freedom and love.

The reader is never permitted to be ahead of the action but experiences the drama in ‘real time’, being constantly forced to predict how the strands will, or will not, tie together as the story climbs to a series of profoundly moving crises — and a totally unpredictable climax.

This ‘5-star’ literary work is a gripping depiction of those driving desires that make us human, vulnerable, and often dangerous.

Jack Engelhard, author of Indecent Proposal, said: ‘Epic!’.

Acclaimed by the critics, this novel by Joseph Éamon Cummins takes place in Ireland, America and flashes back to Iraq.

$2.99 Previously $6.99

Category: Thrillers – Psychological