One Fine Mess

by Mark Petersen

All Jules Nichols wants is a quiet life with a happy family, which she can have as soon as she and her lover get rid of her abusive criminal hubby. Once Eddie’s dead she and Wesley can live on the insurance money. Quietly. Happily.

They’ve thought everything through: alibis, misleading clues, disposing of the murder weapon, even how often Jules should check in with the cops to make sure something is being done to find Eddie’s killer.

But somehow the baddies start lining up against her. First it’s the Mob, then drug-dealing bikers, then her crazy sister. At the same time, the Vermont State Police won’t go away, and Wesley’s not exactly manning up to deal. She loves the guy, but he can be such a bonehead.

When Wesley and their new baby are abducted by a cheesed-off mobster, it’s up to Jules to rescue them.

It’s time to show some ovaries.

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Category: Crime Fiction