One In A Million

by Tony Faggioli

Kyle Fasano has it all: a good job, a loving wife, two beautiful children and a house on the hill. Still, it’s not enough. Risking it all, he has a fling with a woman from the office. He knows better, but she offers a simple temptation. Unfortunately, Kyle is about to discover that his lover is not at all what she seems.

Napoleon Villa has very little. No real family and no real home. A detective for the L.A.P.D., he is a gray wolf in an ever darkening world. When the call comes in that a woman has been found dead at the Los Angeles Hilton, it seems like just another case. But Napoleon is about to find out that the suspect he is about to pursue is not at all what he seems.

Fleeing his affair at the Los Angeles Hilton, Kyle knows he’s in deep trouble. While praying for help, he runs into a mysterious stranger, a tall man with piercing eyes, who tells Kyle something he never expected to hear: God has heard him. In a one in a million moment, Kyle has become a one in a million soul, now tasked with preventing his first love, whom he hasn’t seen in twenty years, from making the same mistake he has.

As he runs from the law with everything to lose, he is pursued by a detective from East L.A. with nothing to lose. Kyle is about to learn that with every choice there are consequences, and sometimes there can be hell to pay. Literally.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological