One Lost Soul

by J M Dalgliesh

The darkest secrets often hide in plain sight…

When a body is found on a lonely cliff top path, the angelic face of a murdered teenager lies facing the rising sun. Strangled at the hands of an unknown killer, it falls to DI Tom Janssen and his fledgling team to find out how she came to be there. Destined for a career in medicine, one to rival that of her parents, Holly Bettany’s future was as bright as it had been privileged. Seemingly, all that could threaten this promising teenager’s life was Holly herself.

In an idyllic coastal setting, Janssen must unpick the layers of deceit within a close-knit community that threatens to reveal scandal at every turn. Holly had a secret… and she knew the secrets of others… Was someone prepared to kill in order to keep them hidden? What happens if another comes to know what she did? One thing is for certain… a brutal killer has no boundaries…

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals