by John Oehler

PAPYRUS is an award-winning archeological thriller. It begins in Egypt, 18th Dynasty: Queen Tiye prepares to die. She tells her brother: “When my time is come, you will bury me in a bath of restorative oils. It will be done while the breath of life is still in me.”
The story then moves to 1983, where Rika Teferi, a researcher in Cairo, discovers a secret message written by ancient Queen Tiye to her young son, Tutankhamun. The letter is stunning. It re-writes history and propels Rika and friend, David, to a quest deep into The Sudan – a quest where unimaginable peril and discoveries upend their worlds.
PAPYRUS was a SEMI-FINALIST in Amazon’s Breakthrough Novel competition.
“WHAT A WONDERFUL READ! History mingled with imagination! I was on the edge of my chair at times and filled with wonder too! … a must read for anyone needing adventures and excitement!”

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Category: Thrillers – Historical