by John Oehler

Egypt, 18th Dynasty. Queen Tiye, the mother of the young Tutankhamun, prepares to die. She speaks to her brother: “When my time is come, you will bury me in a bath of restorative oils. It will be done while the breath of life is still in me.” Cairo Museum, 1983. Rika Teferi is studying a papyrus written by Queen Tiye when she discovers hidden writing. Aching to see more, Rika agrees to let visiting geologist, David Chamberlain, smuggle out the papyrus to scan it with specialized equipment. The results are stunning. They re-write Egypt’s history and reveal the bizarre circumstances of Tiye’s last days. Rika, who feels a spiritual bond with Tiye, resolves with David to search for Tiye’s final resting place. Their quest takes them deep into the Sudanese desert, where unimaginable discoveries and unforeseen perils turn their worlds upside down.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers