Past Due

by Richard Stockford

When past bleeds into present, one detective must unravel the strands of history and legend to find a killer.

A local businessman stabbed to death in his bed. An estranged wife. A slightly obsessive reporter.

When a string of murders rocks the relatively quiet city of Bangor, Maine, Detective Lieutenant Thomas Clipper must look to the pages of history to bring the killer to justice.

What do all the victims have to do with the legend of the Edgewink gang, cut down in a bloody gunfight in 1937? Why did the FBI agent in charge of the Edgewink case disappear on a return trip to Bangor? Where is the stolen loot that Lester Edgewink supposedly hid away before his death?

And why do people keep turning up missing—and dead?

Past is present, as they say. And as Bangor gears up for a Founders’ Day re-enactment of the shootout, an old bill is about to come violently due.

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Category: Mystery – Police Procedurals