Penguins and Mortal Peril

by Ruby Loren

Finding a body in the penguin pool isn’t a great way to start the day.

It’s even worse when you realise you’re now in charge of looking after the penguins.

Because their keeper is the one at the bottom of the pool.

Zookeeper, Madigan Amos, is just as curious as anyone about the strange circumstances surrounding the penguin keeper’s death.

But after apprehending armed intruders, getting caught in the middle of a deadly attack, and sparring with a machete wielding murderer, she starts to wonder if she should have kept her curiosity to herself.

Unfortunately, there’s no getting out now.

Someone at the zoo has a hidden agenda.

And they’re willing to kill to keep it a secret.

Pick up this mystery today and you’ll be up all night turning the pages to find out ‘whodunnit’!

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Category: Mystery – Cozy