Pet Psychic Magical Mysteries: The Complete Series Books 1-8

by Erin Johnson

Jolene Hartgrave, cursed pet psychic, can talk to animals! Teaming up with a handsome cop and his lie-sniffing German shepherd, they solve paranormal mysteries while she hides her shifter secret.

Join Jolene through 8 hilarious, fast-paced cozy mysteries in the complete Pet Psychic Magical Mysteries series. Discover enchanting worlds, talking animal sidekicks, and clever riddles that keep you guessing.

Readers love this series:
“Erin Johnson created a fascinating world. The mysteries are intriguing, and the main characters are smart and fun.” *****
“Very cute, fun reads! Plenty of excitement, the storyline keeps you guessing. I recommend this series.” *****
“Wonderful plots and amazing characters. I’d recommend this to anyone who likes mysteries, paranormal, or pet stories.” *****

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Category: Mystery – Cozy