Pinot Noir: A WWII Novel

by Mads Molnar III

In 1940, the night before Nazis raid his cellar, a French winemaker poisons a case of his best pinot noir to spite the invaders. The Nazis take the bait and the adventure begins. Every chapter of Pinot Noir tells the story of one of the 12 poisoned bottles in that case and the lives they change forever. When the pinot starts poisoning high-ranking German officers, detective Mads Molnar gets a call from the Gestapo. The deal? Recover the bottles and gain a ticket out of Axis territory and pardon for killing a fascist. But Molnar has a 300-pound problem. Wolfram Bastick, a Nazi detective whose father was killed by the wine, is also on the case. As Bastick races to find his father’s killer, Molnar scrambles to thwart him. Meanwhile, Bastick’s gorgeous fiancé is plotting to murder him for reasons of her own. Molnar must secretly recover the wine, win over Bastick’s fiancé, escape the Nazis and make it out of Germany without getting killed.

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Category: Mystery – Hard-Boiled