Piranhas in Pink Book 1

by Nova Knightley

Ever since her sister died, Lennox McRae has been addicted to revenge.

After her family is ripped apart by her sister’s death, Lennox and her mother move to Everson Falls for a fresh start. Once she crosses paths with the popular clique, a group of perfect girls in pink, her mission is clear. She must destroy them. As far as Lennox is concerned, girls like them ruin people. Girls like them ruined her sister. Lennox is determined to bring them down and serve them their just desserts. To do that, she pretends to want to be one of them. Unfortunately for Lennox, these girls have far more sinister plans for her . . .

Becoming a part of the in-crowd was easy. Getting out will be impossible.

Piranhas in Pink is a dark, twisty psychological thriller about social hierarchy, fitting in, and revenge. This is the first book of an addictive new series. Scroll up and grab your copy today.

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Category: Suspense