Pirate Legacy Blessings and Curses

by C.S. Karl

Until a drug cartel corners her in New Orleans, Lilith isn’t aware of her ancestry transcending the centuries, where a pirate legacy emerged from a world of voodoo, discovery, and unrelenting danger. The past’s forgotten legends and myths awaken, forcing Lilith and her coworkers to secure an unconventional treasure before the drug cartel, and other threatening entities, do.

Forces, both seen and unseen, focus on the golf resort’s gift shop cashier as the key to finding a depository of wealth. Lilith relies on her friends to help solve the clues from a hidden map room buried deep below the French Quarter. After retrieving the clues, they take advantage of the golf resort’s complex underground to unravel the mysterious location and contents of the lost treasure.

Unknown benefactors send artifacts for Lilith’s adventurers to analyze, which send them on jaunts into the Caribbean. Each trip they take agitates an already bubbling cauldron of treacherous entities which seek to control the treasure’s secrets.

The treasure hunt will lead to an abundance of blessings, but with all eyes fixating there, a curse grows far below the depths of the buried map room.

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Category: Mystery – International Mystery & Crime