Potion Problem

by Linnea West

A kidnapped sister. A magical murder. Can one human investigator save her witchy twin’s life before her potion is poisoned?
Vinnie always struggled to feel accepted. As a non-magical witch with a magically talented twin sister, she only felt comfortable at home. Now their family has inherited the job of being the Halloween Helpers and Vinnie is forced out of her comfort zone and into the hot seat, which includes solving a murder at a coven.
Investigating a suspicious death around other witches is already making Vinnie nervous, but things go from bad to worse when her sister is kidnapped. Now Vinnie must solve the murder and look for her sister with only the help of her witch-in-training teenage niece.
Can Vinnie solve the murder and get one step closer to finding her sister? Or will her lack of magic mean she loses her sister and her job as a Halloween Helper forever?

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Category: Mystery – Cozy