Prayers for Evil: A Novel

by P.G. Smith

Fear lashes out at a Maine village when evil rises up from the ashes of a dark medieval ritual. A long dormant curse, with tentacles in the Nazi obsession with the occult and New England’s violent past, spins an invisible web of danger that threatens to ensnare everyone in the small town. Chris Murphy arrives in Maine with his little daughter to take on a new job assignment. On the rebound from an ugly divorce, he seeks a new life and a fresh start. Before long he finds career challenges, new friends, and a steamy new romance. But another unassuming newcomer unleashes a wave of mysterious accidents that strike down the town’s residents one by one. Danger soon threatens those closest to Chris. The chance discovery of a faded old diary holds the key to the source of the wickedness. With only the help of a most unlikely partner, can he find the roots of the curse in the yellowed pages and defeat the evil force before it destroys the people he loves most?

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Mystery – Historical