Project Dream

by CJ Zahner

What happened to the kids in the desert?

In 2002, the CIA forced several teenagers out of detention centers and into a National Security Test Program called Project Dream. Teens selected had two characteristics: physical superiority and a sixth sense.

When the awkward, unpopular, and destitute Izzy Jimenez is caught stealing clothes, authorities enroll her in the program for two reasons: Izzy swims like a fish—and she sees angels.

There she studies and works hard to perfect her clairvoyance hoping authorities will allow her to go home. But when she and the other students master remote viewing and produce results that stun White House officials, additional children—good kids from normal American families—are recruited. Izzy’s hope of going home dwindles.

Not until the striking, charismatic Rachel Callahan arrives and befriends Izzy does her life become bearable.

Project Dream is a coming-of-age story of teenagers thrown into the most unusual circumstances. Each struggle to survive their time in the desert with the goal of getting out and going home, but—can any of them really go home?

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

Dream Wide Awake

by CJ Zahner

Is someone looking for six-year-old Mikala Daly?

Mikala has visions. Her father, detective Jack Daly, married into a family rumored to see people on the other side. Jack didn’t believe in their psychic abilities until that gift—curse—befell his daughter.

Now their normal, mundane life spirals into mayhem as Mikala relays her dreams to him about three missing boys. Jack struggles to keep her visions a secret. Is he risking her life? He works to find the boys before the kidnapper identifies Mikala or American government officials force her into their secret remote-viewing program in Area 51—Project Dream.

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