Quarter to Midnight

by Darcy Coates

You discover a door hidden behind your new bedroom’s wallpaper. It’s probably just a small crawlspace. There’s nothing unusual about it… except for the quiet tapping noise you hear late at night.

In 1965 a young child went missing while exploring a disused cemetery. More than fifty years later you find yourself facing the gate to the abandoned graveyard, armed with a clue that could lead to answers about the child’s fate.

The same number calls you every night. When you answer, you hear silence. When you redial, you can make out a very faint echo, as though the other line is in a large room. No matter what you do, they just keep calling.

A mannequin is hidden at the back of your rented basement room. Sometimes its dust cloth falls off. Sometimes you feel it watching you. And sometimes it moves while you’re asleep…

Quarter to Midnight brings you a blend of fifteen gothic, macabre and chilling horror stories.

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Category: Suspense