Questionable Practice

by Randy Moon

Robert Madigan swore an oath to save lives. Now he’s learning to take them.

When crushing debt threatens to destroy his family, Robert finds himself caught in a web of murder, manipulation, and madness. Guided by the mysterious Gavin Noel, he and his fellow med school friends transform from aspiring healers into meticulous killers.

They call themselves ‘The Good Doctors.’ Their specialty? Offering their victims a twisted choice: bullet or syringe.

But as Robert sinks deeper into this underworld of crime and corruption, he realizes he’s become a pawn in a game played by men who think they’re gods. Trust is a luxury he can’t afford, and every alliance could be his undoing.

In a world where healing and killing have become chillingly interchangeable, Robert must decide how far he’ll go to save everything he loves – and whether he can live with the man he’s becoming.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime