by Andy Lucas

After selflessly intervening to stop a vicious street robbery, ex-RAF pilot James Pace becomes a sudden media sensation. Keen to make the most of his newfound fame, he accepts a surprise invitation to take part in the ultimate reality TV race; Race Amazon, positive that it will change his life forever.

Oblivious to the sinister truth behind the race, or the manipulative intent of its organisers, he soon finds himself stranded in the depths of the rain forest, being ruthlessly hunted. With death lurking behind every shadow, Pace will have to dredge up every rusty skill the military ever taught him if he wants to keep himself, and his team, alive.

Their only option is to take the fight to a vicious enemy. If they run, they die. The race is on and it isn’t one any of them signed up for!

RACE AMAZON: False Dawn is the first book in the RACE AMAZON duology.

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Category: Thrillers – Military