Rafferty’s Rules

by W. Glenn Duncan

Rule 1: The client is always right.
Rule 2: When the client is wrong, see Rule 1.
When the client wants someone dead …

In the middle of a burger-store holdup, the only thing standing between ten-year-old Vivian Mollison and certain death is a police officer named Rafferty.
She lives. He gets fired.
Fast-forward fifteen years.
Vivian’s parents are wealthy beyond counting while Rafferty spends his days as a private investigator, hustling on the streets of Dallas.
So when he gets an out-of-the-blue phonecall from the Mollisons, Rafferty figures his long-awaited payday might have finally arrived.
But things are never that simple and the story they have to tell is like nothing he’s ever heard.
Can Rafferty save Vivian again?
Or is he already too late?

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators