by Schuyler Randall

Raina Willoughby met her Aunt Nancy’s friend and coworker, Dr. James Posey, for the first time at the cinema in 1939. Both women enjoyed the company of the charming, delightfully funny man throughout the evening, but it wasn’t long before Raina and Aunt Nancy discovered James wasn’t nearly as genial as they had thought.
The vicious and violent finale to their night finds the Willoughby family trying desperately to heal, but with James’s actions and family secrets looming, the task becomes seemingly impossible—especially when tragedy cripples the family once again. As James repeatedly dodges repercussions courtesy of his wealthy, influential family, Raina struggles to cope with the injustices threatening to break her lovely, youthful spirit.
But Raina won’t break—Raina wants revenge. She’s going to right the wrongs done to her friend; her patients; her family; herself; and, most importantly, Nancy Willoughby. Raina will do anything, use anyone, and say anything to avenge them—and she’s going to enjoy it.

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Category: Thrillers – Historical