by Jeremiah Beck

Recollection delves into the cursed life of radio talk show host Jeremy Peoples. Jeremy’s tormented by his autobiographical memory and now, seven years after a killing spree at his school left him shattered and scarred, his recollections are a flood of vivid violence and lost love that forever feel like they only just happened. And he’ll do anything to find relief. Convinced he caused the murder of his girlfriend and six others, Jeremy confesses during a harrowing on-air interview he’s orchestrated with the killer. However, with closure and forgiveness seemingly within his grasp… …a caller with a shocking revelation lures him back into danger. Recollection descends with Jeremy, spiraling out of control, ensnarled by devious drug dealers, scrambling across the country to confront his past sins. Grasping for redemption, will he instead succumb to addiction, memories more real than the present, and the consequences of his betrayals?

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Category: Suspense