Red Heeled Rebels Boxset 1: Books 1-3: Three addictive, gritty crime thrillers in one

by Tikiri Herath

“Fast-paced and exciting!”
“A heart-stopping adventure!”
“5 stars for an award-winning series!”

In a world where justice no longer prevails, six iron-willed heroines rally together to seek vengeance on those who stole their humanity.

A globe-trotting, award-winning, suspense series with spunky heroines who fight for their lives and make the villains pay. This is where the thrill of Kill Bill meets the wrath of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

If you enjoy gripping thrillers with flawed but gutsy heroines, vigilante action in exotic locales and twists that get your pulse pounding, you’ll love these books.

Pick up the Red Heeled Rebels for an international adventure without having to get a passport or even buy an airline ticket.

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Category: Thrillers – Crime