Red Heeled Rebels Boxset One: International Crime Thriller Box

by Tikiri Herath

***** “I devoured these books!!”
***** “You will get hooked from page one!”

Three addictive, gritty crime thrillers plus BONUS prequel novella. This action-packed, globe-trotting thriller box will have you on the edge of your seat.

If you love pulse-pounding, non-stop action with iron-willed female leads, this series is for you. Find out why readers say these award-winning books are worth losing sleep for.

Pick up the page-turning Red Heeled Rebels boxset for an international adventure without having to get a passport or even buy an airline ticket.
• The Girl Who Crossed the Line
• The Girl Who Ran Away
• The Girl Who Made Them Pay
• The Girl Who Fought to Kill

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Category: Crime Fiction