Rescuing Freedom

by Ellis Summers

Thirty-five-year-old Freesia Hollister has an MIA soldier in the back of a Jeep, heading for her remote mountaintop property to hide him from federal officials. Helicopters are hovering and agents are knocking, but she’s determined to shield the hero who uncovered a military crime. Clearing the veteran might destroy everything she treasures in life, including her freedom.
The complex plot, the full cast of characters, the action scenes, the danger, the romance, all blend together to make this book unrelenting until the last page.
It all starts with descriptive narration and world-building. With meticulous precision, Ellis Summers crafts a modern-day romantic suspense. The descriptive narration is intricate which pulls the reader into the story. The setting and action sequences blend with the dialogue to bring out the emotions. Every thought, feeling, and movement is detailed.

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Category: Suspense