Rescuing Reeve

by Amy Waeschle

A broken widow. A missing family member. An impossible choice.

A year after her fiancé’s sudden death, geologist Dr. Cassidy Kincaid discovers that her troubled stepbrother, Reeve, has gone missing in the nearby party town of Tamarindo.

Knowing she can’t turn her back on Reeve this time, and hoping the victory of finding him might make her strong again, Cassidy sets off to find him.

However, as the mystery draws her deeper into the darkest corners of paradise, Cassidy discovers a shocking truth about the miscreant stepbrother she never understood. When the tables are turned, Cassidy is forced to make an impossible choice: will she complete Reeve’s critical mission, or save herself?

If you like heart-thumping action, exotic settings, and broken heroines, then you’ll love Rescuing Reeve!

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Category: Mystery – Women Sleuths