Resurrection: An Action-Adventure Novel

by Nellie Neeman

Four powerful men. One terrifying secret. Can FBI rookie Jon Steadman stop them . . . before they bring democracy to a lethal end?

Rookie FBI Agent Jon Steadman is butting heads with his insufferable boss and battling his personal demons, when he is called upon to investigate a radical U.S. congressman. Jon is partnered with Ivy-educated, single mother Agent Carrie Santiago and brilliant Israeli geneticist Dr. Terry Lavi, a woman he prefers to avoid. But, when the FBI, CIA and Mossad combine forces, conflicting allegiances and old resentments begin to flare.

Their pursuit uncovers a decades-old plot, exploiting the far edges of science, aimed at bringing America to its knees. The mission takes them across the globe and face-to-face with an untold evil that will threaten their very survival.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies