by Robert L Sells

Aster Worthington spearheads the First Contact Team to unravel a message from an alien race. While the aliens are too far away to visit our planet, they promise free energy if humanity builds special robots and downloads their message into a super computer. An excited world agrees and a massive structure is created. Seven years later, there’s no “free energy” and strange things happen in and around the enormous structure. Aster and her colleagues join a military expedition to investigate the interior. Unexpectedly, they discover hordes of deadly intelligent humanoids with insect-like characteristics. How these aliens ended up in our world was a mystery. It’s soon apparent that these creatures intend to take over the planet using an alien virus. The only hope for humanity lies with a two-thousand year old scroll hidden by the church. Science and faith clash in a struggle with evil.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers