Riven (Riven Republic 1)

by H. L. Wegley

With Old Glory riven and America fracturing along geopolitical boundaries, can we ever recover what we once had?
Zach Tanner, Constitutionalist radio host, has a growing radio network until Oregon’s progressive governor, Sandra Harper, shuts him down. Zach encourages Oregonians to flee to Eastern Oregon to defend families from the coming war. He envisions a powerful radio station broadcasting hope to America.
Kate Alexander, a fan of Zach’s radio show, wants to escape from lawless Salem to Eastern Oregon, but her aunt, Governor Harper, declares martial law and orders the police to find her beloved niece so she can fix Kate and restore her to the state’s most powerful political family.
When Zach begins broadcasting, President Walker wants Zach and Kate eliminated. Governor Harper wants Kate returned and rehabilitated. Eastern Oregon’s militia wants to keep the two safe. Can anyone win?

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Category: Thrillers – Political