River Running Backwards

by Susan Clayton- Goldner

If Detective Winston Radhauser knew how many skeletons his visit to his dying uncle would unearth, he might have stayed in Ashland. Might never have learned the truth about his past.
During a deathbed confession, Winston Radhauser learns his parents are still alive and his mother is in a psychiatric facility having confessed to the murder of his three-month-old sister. After her confession, his mother stopped talking and hasn’t uttered a word in forty-three years.
Torn between grief for his uncle and anger at the lies he’s been told, Radhauser sets out to discover the truth about his family. As he conducts his own investigation and uncovers more evidence, Radhauser realizes the police took the easy way out by blaming his mother. He is convinced she is innocent. During his investigation, he unveils one more dark secret. Will this one lead him to the person who murdered his three-month-old sister, and vindicate his mother at last?

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Category: Mystery – Traditional Detectives