Roller Coaster in Tehran

by Y. I. Latz

Dr. Amalia Tavori is a mother of three and a rollercoaster engineer with a short fuse. She is pressured to join the Israeli Mossad and is sent under false identity to Tehran, the capital of Israel’s worst enemy, to help the Iranians build a grandiose amusement park. We see an intimate picture of the life of an Israeli spy. Amalia knows no boundaries and has no shame. Fooling her enemies and Mossad operators alike, she works out of her own deep convictions. When a grave disaster befalls her family in Israel, it is even more difficult for her to perform her secret mission. This book redefines the concepts of loyalty, betrayal, enemies, and compassion. The image of an ordinary woman emerges – one who yearns for true love but who has been forced to become larger than life itself. She is prepared to sacrifice herself for her country, but not to sacrifice her life for an existence without love.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage