Salt Island (E&A Investigations Thriller Series)

by Lisa Towles

In the heart-pounding eco-thriller “Salt Island,” Mari Ellwyn, a determined private investigator, finds herself thrust into a perilous world of high-stakes corporate espionage and personal redemption. As her newly formed partnership with Derek Abernathy is put to the ultimate test, Mari faces a daunting challenge that forces her to confront powerful ghosts from her past.

When billionaire CEO Jack Darcy’s reputation and IPO deal are jeopardized, Mari is thrust into the heart of the storm. As Jack’s glamorous wife goes missing, media attention intensifies, and Mari must navigate the treacherous waters of Thryve, Jack’s acclaimed environmental startup. But a journalist has learned Darcy’s dirty little secret and is hell-bent on exposing it to the world at large.

While Derek goes underground to investigates a series of mysterious deaths on a California farm, Mari’s journey takes her on a path of self-discovery. Haunted by the shadows of her past, Mari unravels the secrets of her missing father—a former CIA operative—and the startling revelations about his double identity and hidden life. Her search leads her to the British Virgin Islands, where painful truths about herself, her father, and her future come to light.

As time slips away and Mari stands exposed and alone, the weight of her choices becomes unbearable. Will she risk everything to uncover the truth, or will the powerful forces working against her succeed in burying it forever?

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage