Save The Girls

by Terry Toler

A female Jason Bourne. Only Better. International #1 Best Selling author, Terry Toler, has written five novel in the Jamie Austen, Alex Halee spy stories. This is the book that started the franchise. Jamie goes to Belarus where a busload of three hundred girls has gone missing. It’s a race against time as only she can save them.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage

The Ingenue

by Terry Toler

America’s next endearing hero, CIA operative Alex Halee, goes off mission to infiltrate a cybercrime lab in North Korea run by the notorious Pok.

When he runs into trouble, he gets help from the most unlikely person. Bae Hwa is a thirteen-year-old North Korean girl who likes to steal backpacks. When she unknowingly gets her hands on a satchel full of nuclear codes, her entire family is in danger and she ends up in prison.

Alex is arrested and thrown in the same prison cell as Bae. It’s a race against time as he has to save them both and keep the codes out of the hands of those who want to destroy America . . .

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