Save The Queen

by Terry Toler

The addictive, page turning saga of Alex and Jamie continue as they are in London on their honeymoon.

Everywhere they go, terrorist attacks keep happening right in front of them. Knife attacks. Acid attacks. After the fourth one, Alex begins to suspect that the notorious Pok may be behind them.

From a remote location in the middle east, Pok hacked into London’s security camera system. He follows Alex and Jamie everywhere they go springing terrorist attacks right in front of their eyes. Pok is toying with them, as each attack increases with intensity until it will culminate in a dirty bomb to be exploded at the Royal wedding just three short days away.
London Police wonder why Alex is present at every attack. They suspect he’s somehow involved and try to arrest him.

Will they succeed or will he elude capture and save the Queen, the target of the dirty bomb?

This heart pounding nonstop action thriller is what best-selling and award-winning author, Terry Toler, is known for. Suspense. Intrigue. Mystery. Romance. And an ending you won’t see coming.

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Category: Thrillers – Espionage