Scavenger Hunt

by Charles Welch

Good morning sunshine. Today is a big day.
Let’s begin with a game. You will get clues, that you must figure out to get to the next clue. It’s a bit of a scavenger hunt, but I am your prize.
The only way to get your surprise and find me is to follow all clues to the end.
Get prepared for an adventure.
On the morning of Rachel’s wedding anniversary, she finds her husband gone, and an envelope on his pillow. She is to solve the clue in the envelope to find the next clue. Each clue will lead to another until she finds her husband and her anniversary surprise. Excited to celebrate their day, she solves the first riddle and finds the next clue. As one clue leads to another, the tasks become harder and the clues hint at a more devious plan. A terrible reality dawns on her as she realizes she must complete the game to its end to save her marriage and possibly her life.
Rachel’s adventure is not the celebration she imagined, and the creator of the game has a different prize in mind. At the end of the game, he waits for her to complete his revenge.
But who created the game? Why does he seek revenge?
And who will be waiting for her at the end of her Scavenger Hunt?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological