Scoundrels to the Hoosegow: Perry Mason Moments and Entertaining Cases From the Files of a Prosecuting Attorney

by Morley Swingle

“Morley Swingle’s Scoundrels to the Hoosegow is not only consistently fascinating, but there is much to be learned from it about life in and out of an American courtroom. I highly recommend this engrossing book.” Vincent Bugliosi, Author of Helter Skelter

A veteran prosecutor recounts his true crime adventures, recreating with verve and wit, villains, heroes, and scoundrels. In cases ranging from indecent exposure to serial murder, he takes readers an an adrenaline-filled romp from crime scenes to courtrooms.

“Morley Swingle proves that some lawyers can actually write entertainingly.” Harry Levins, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

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Category: Thrillers – Legal