Sculpting Amanda

by Julie Sanford

Seventeen-year-old Amanda Wake is fresh from school she is excited to be starting a new job. What she doesn’t know is her desire to earn enough money to buy a coveted mobile phone is the beginning of a nightmare. Nor that her naive dreams of a love story developing between her and her new boss put her in grave danger.

Mathew Mason, Amanda’s new employer, is a successful businessman with dark aspirations. His unhealthy and immoral obsession with Amanda led him to create the job solely to have better access to her. Mathew has met Amanda before he knows her intimately, all the while Amanda is unaware of their connection.

Over the course of sixteen years, Amanda’s life is plagued with unfortunate twists and turns unbeknownst to her all due to Mathew’s intervention. How can you escape someone, if you don’t know you are their prey?

Nobody is born a victim, but they can be made one.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological