Season of the Assassin (Detective Jimmy Parisi Thriller series)

by Thomas Laird

In 1965, a killer butchered a whole dormitory of student nurses.

Investigating officer Jake Parisi located a suspect, Carl Anglin, but as soon as the witnesses vanished or died, the FBI got involved — and Jake died in a tragic accident.

Then Anglin disappeared…

Thirty years on and Jimmy Parisi, is a homicide detective, like his father.

A frighteningly similar massacre occurs on his watch, and Jimmy doesn’t believe in coincidences.

The hunt for Anglin begins again, and Jimmy discovers that not all the nurses in the original case died — there was one survivor.

But why is she in a mental institution, and why is no one permitted to visit her?

Both Anglin and Jimmy need to find her — Anglin to silence her, Jimmy to put Anglin away.

Will Jimmy be able to put this case and his father to rest?

In this gruesome thriller by author Thomas Laird, the two major American traumas of the ‘60s — J.F.K.’s assassination and the Vietnam War — collide.

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