Security Day

by Matt Cricchio

Afghanistan: where friends look like enemies and enemies pose as friends.

Everyone in Uruzgan province, from street vendors to the American military, relies on Security Day: a weekly convoy under the command of the vicious warlord, General Mir Hamza Khan, protecting supply trucks from Taliban attacks as they cross the Kandahar desert. Security Day has made General Khan the uncrowned king of Afghanistan but American withdrawal threatens his reign.

Rookie intelligence agent Dan Bing arrives in country eager to prove himself, but he quickly finds himself shut out when he runs afoul of the emotionally unstable American commander who is fooled by General Khan’s lies. Dan instead finds an unlikely ally in Toor Jan, a loving family man turned spy with deep ties to the Taliban.

General Khan, Dan, and Toor Jan tangle in a tense and surprising tale of espionage, betrayal, deadly vanity and mercy that climaxes into the world’s most dangerous game of survival.

Based on a true story, readers call Security Day “very different and exciting—a spy and adventure story teeming with vivid, memorable characters” that is “one of those books you can’t put down.”

$0.99 Previously $8.99

Category: Thrillers – Espionage