Shadow Target

by R.D. West

For Blake Sledge the shadows are his friend. He’s lived his entire life in them, striking targets with a level of violence few are capable of. When his secret organization requires he kill a child, something awakens in Blake he didn’t know he had.

A conscience.

Leaving his old life behind, Blake looks for more innocent people to save, more lives to protect, doing the only thing he knows how…


But after the daughter of a rich man goes missing, Blake finds aching similarities to his old employer. With time running out for the girl, Blake uses every skill at his disposal to bring her home safe. For Blake, it isn’t about living or dying, it’s about redemption.

Can a man redeem himself after he’s spilled so much blood?

Join Blake Sledge and find out if the impossible is possible. Grab your gear, strap on your gun, and buy Shadow Target now.

$0.99 Previously $4.99

Category: Thrillers – Crime