Shadowed Deception

by Mavery Ellscott

The article would make front page news, if Finlay lived long enough to write it.

In the heart of Paris, a trendy nightclub harbors a dark secret—it’s a front for a human trafficking ring. It’s also Finlay Giammarino’s only lead to find her friend’s sister. Exposing the club’s owner isn’t enough for the investigative journalist. Finlay is determined to bring the men at the top to justice.

Desperate, Finlay does the one thing she swore she’d never do—ask Drake Reeves for help. The former Navy SEAL has made it unmistakably clear how he feels about journalists. But he has skills and Finlay has reached a dead end.

Finlay and Drake are thrust into a world of shadows, lies, and secrets where every step forward unravels another layer of deception. How far are they willing to go for the truth?

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological