Shadow’s Edge

by Lizbeth James

How far would you go to keep your secrets hidden in the shadows?

Few people know Addison McGuire is haunted by her past. When she’s penning her bestselling true crime series, Addie writes about bold heroines without fear. But in real life, Addie is bound by the trauma she experienced the night of her high school graduation. Now, Addie spends her days with her constant companion, her mastiff, Bo, and lives vicariously through her brother Jack. It’s no way to live, but Addie’s accepted it.

Except lately, little things in her life have begun to slip. She’s drinking too much, and her nightmares have resurfaced. Nightmares that steal her sleep at night—and rob her of peace during the day. Spinning in old habits, Addie reaches out to Jack, but her calls, texts and emails go unanswered.

Because Jack has been in a terrible accident … and will never be there for Addie again.

Reeling with loss, Addie returns home for the first time in a decade to bury her brother— only to realize, the short visit home she’s planned, isn’t an option. Because Jack’s daughter, her four-year-old niece, Lou, needs her.

Lou helps Addie find strength she didn’t know she had. Good thing, as Addie soon finds herself face to face with her attacker—now the chief of police—who ominously warns her: “Go home.”

Addie refuses, but her grip on reality wavers as she becomes increasingly untrusting of herself, unable to gauge what is real and what is not. Are her nightmares signs that someone is watching her and waiting in the shadows—or figments of her imagination? The only way Addie can find out is to break her silence … and face her attacker once and for all.

In the spirit of Andrea Bartz’s We Were Never Here, and Julia Heaberlin’s We Are All the Same in the Dark; Shadow’s Edge is a story about the secrets we bury, the restorative power (and danger) of love, and above all, how breaking the silence may just be the secret to regaining what once was lost.

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Category: Thrillers – Psychological