Shadows of the Stone Benders

by K. Patrick Donoghue

Scientist Anlon Cully is swept into the thick of a suspense-riddled adventure when his archaeologist uncle, Devlin Wilson, dies under suspicious circumstances.

Not long before his “accidental” fall off a cliff, Devlin made the discovery of a lifetime – unearthing undeniable proof that an advanced society thrived on Earth long before archaeologists thought possible!

The key to this shocking evidence? A set of mysterious stones forged by a long forgotten race of ancient mariners. Instilled with formidable powers, the stones draw the attention of villainous thieves hell bent on their acquisition by any means possible…including murder.

With the help of friend Pebbles McCarver and police detective Jennifer Stevens, Anlon must follow traces of bewildering clues left by his uncle in a chase to unravel the stones’ secrets before the killer strikes again and makes off with the priceless artifacts.

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Category: Mystery – Series

Race for the Flash Stone

by K. Patrick Donoghue

In this thrilling archaeological mystery, scientist Anlon Cully hunts for evidence of a long-forgotten civilization, a race of ancient mariners who possessed a sixth-sense lost to the ages — the ability to detect and interact with the Earth’s magnetic field.

With this special gift, the prehistoric civilization crafted stone tools with astonishing powers. Inexplicably, they vanished from the pages of history…until a set of their stones was discovered by Anlon’s uncle, archaeologist Devlin Wilson.

Devlin was brutally murdered, leaving behind the stones and a set of confounding clues. An ancient map, a curious statue and three cryptic journals. Somehow, the clues are linked. But how? That’s the puzzling mystery Anlon must solve.

And time is not on his side…for there are others seeking to solve the same riddle…fiends who crave the most fearsome of the stones…the Flash Stone.

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