Sherlock Holmes and the Vampire Invasion

by Suzette Hollingsworth

Mycroft’s exclusive Diogenes Club is targeted, its members drained of blood, their necks punctured with wolf-like teeth marks. “Eliza Doolittle teams up with Sherlock Holmes”.

Why does Mycroft’s Diogenes Club not allow any talking and have such stringent rules for entry? Why would anyone wish to join? Is it a front for something else? Sherlock must cross his own brother to find out.

Victorian Historical Mystery/Romance. Fast-paced action, historical immersion, characters who come alive on the page, witty dialogue, and a blossoming romance between Sherlock and his laboratory assistant Mirabella Hudson (Mrs. Hudson’s niece). Strong LGBT themes.

“No blood, no teeth, and now no scullery maid! What else shall go missing? I hope we may all leave this house with our limbs.” – Mycroft Holmes

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Category: Mystery – Historical