Shooting Messengers

by Kevin Berry

What if delivering the mail was a matter of life and death?
Somebody brutally kills a postman in Quake City while he’s delivering the mail.
Laconic Private investigator Danny Ashford suspects the police will bungle the investigation—they usually do. He joins forces with sassy investigative reporter Deepa Banwait to track down the killer.
But when a second murder follows close on the heels of the first, with a similar MO, Danny suspects a dangerous serial killer is at work, striking at random?
Is it random, though? Danny and Deepa have their theories. But they have to find a way to work together to track down the fiend with a vendetta against postal workers and couriers before he or she strikes again. And they might succeed, if only they could stop arguing… but with Danny’s overconfidence and Deepa’s driving quest for a story, what could go wrong?
And then it becomes personal…

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Category: Mystery – Private Investigators