Skulls Of Sedona

by J.R. Ripley

National bestselling author J.R. Ripley’s Tony Kozol mystery series! “Non-practicing Florida attorney Tony Kozol (Stiff in the Freezer) hopes to earn some much-needed cash by playing his guitar at an Arizona New Age conference. Spirit-induced music, mediums, fortune-telling, and ancient, alien-enhanced crystal skulls aside, Tony finds his credibility challenged by the murder of the spacey former college roommate who invited him there. He can’t make up his mind who killed his friend–the rejected one-time lover, the jealous rival, the married-but-promiscuous hot-tub masseuse, or a host of others. Wacky characters, liquid prose, frequent humor, and a decidedly light plot place this in the fun, breeze-to-read category. Readers who enjoyed Sharon McCrumb’s Bimbos of the Death Sun will also get a kick out of this.” Library Journal

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Category: Mystery – Series