Sleep- a Tale of two destinies

by Kanan Srivastava

In the vibrant streets of New Delhi, two young men, Ajay and Ankit, lead lives as different as night and day. Ajay, born into a wealthy business family, harbors an intense disdain for his late father’s legacy and chooses to walk the path of a poet, seeking artistic fulfillment over material wealth. Unbeknownst to Ajay, he possesses an extraordinary ability to foresee future threats in his recurring nightmares. These visions are often presented to him metaphorically, and he struggles to decipher their true meaning. Ankit, a relentless and self-centered opportunist, aims to amass significant wealth and climb the social ladder. He remains skeptical of magic and mysticism, despite a precious necklace that was a family heirloom. This mystical necklace, originally acquired by Ankit’s mother through an act of kindness towards a Darvesh during her trip to Israel, is believed to hold special powers. It is said to come to the aid of its possessor in times of dire need, a belief Ankit dismisses. As Ankit contemplates selling the necklace to escape the constant threats of his creditors, a chain snatcher intervenes. In a daring act, the snatcher steals the necklace and flees, bumping into Ajay during his escape in an underpass. Unbeknownst to both Ajay and the snatcher, the necklace of Ankit’s mother is now in Ajay’s possession. Act Two: The lives of these two contrasting individuals intersect in a series of events that unfold with an uncanny sense of fate.

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Category: Mystery – Series