by J.C. Benthin

To save his life, he must play. If he wants to protect millions more, he’ll have to win.

Kingston Rais is ready to succeed on his first field mission. Forced to discover and participate in a series of deadly games with a ticking clock, the black-ops rookie quickly tracks the madman behind the challenge to the source. But Kingston is shaken to his core when the fiend is merely present as a hologram, and the building around him explodes into dust.

Rattled by the near-death experience and still grieving the loss of his grandfather, the young hero struggles with doubt at every uncertainty. And as he and his team race across the globe trying to outwit their sinister opponent, each failure threatens more and more lives.

Does Kingston have what it takes to bring a psychotic mastermind to justice and defend the world from peril?

Slingshot is the pulse-pounding second book in The Kingston Chronicles action-adventure series. If you like gritty heroes, fast-paced surprises, and mysterious foes, then you’ll love J.C. Benthin’s page-turning operation.

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Category: Thrillers – Technothrillers