by WW Mortensen

Not your typical hitchhiker horror story.
On a remote country road, heading out to a weekend party, Tobe West and his friends pick up two hitchhikers. It seems like the right thing to do.
Stranded in the middle of nowhere, Tobe and the others are faced with a landscape suddenly unfamiliar, in a universe that has come loose from its moorings. Strange things slither in the woods, and spectral lights hover just off the road but Tobe learns the biggest threat to their survival lies within the very people he’s trying to protect. Tobe must uncover the hidden agenda of one of the survivors… and keep the rest of them safe from something lurking in the darkness.
Something that is hunting them all.
If they are to survive the night, Tobe must face the horrifying truth – that nothing is as it seems, and that they are all part of a larger plan, part of someone else’s unfinished business!

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Category: Suspense