Smoke Rising

by Craig Halloran

Bounty Hunter John Smoke never liked the rules. As a result of his overly aggressive—and often illegal—arrest methods, he ended up behind bars. But the Bureau wont’ let him be. Placed in the able care of beautiful, no nonsense, Sidney Shaw, his new FBI handler, Smoke needs to alter his loose-cannon ways to remain a free man.

But there is an unchecked evil festering deep in the heart of the nation’s capital. A shadow conspiracy than won’t be defeated by conventional means. A vast, hidden network of criminals with the terrifying ability to shapeshift into monsters is spreading its supernatural sickness in the very fabric of human society.

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Category: Thrillers – Conspiracies

I Smell Smoke

by Craig Halloran

When Sidney begins to fret her new duties and doubt her peers, Smoke shows up in a suit looking as gorgeous as ever. While Sid is initially captivated, it’s not long before they butt heads over the next Black Slate assignment, a mysterious woman called Night Bird.

Timing is everything, but family troubles emerge a day before Christmas Eve when Sidney’s sister, Allison, goes missing and a mysterious stranger shows up at her parents’ home. Reluctantly, she agrees to take Smoke to her parents, but on the way, a semi-truck, owned by Drake, runs them off the road

$0.99 Previously $3.99