Snips and Snails Mystery Cafe Book 1-3 Boxset

by Elizabeth Rain

Juli’s job is to make sure the Soup of the Day delivers…a daily dose of magic that is…But there’s Murder afoot in Veil Falls. Before she knows it, Juli is on the case, chasing baddies, finding clues, and whipping up the right magical recipes to save them all.

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Category: Mystery – Cozy

Snips and Snails Mystery Cafe Book 4-6 Boxset

by Elizabeth Rain

Juli Mason hired Bertie the Bag Lady, living in the alley behind Snips and Snails, out of desperation.
Who knew Bertie would clean up so well? … Or that she was in actual fact, a Sous Chef? When the Hat River in Veil Falls coughs up a Cadillac Sedan beneath the Fae Road Bridge and Bertie Faints at the news…Juli smells a mystery…
When the latest in a slew of Dumpster fires at the local campground turn up a finger and a ring, Jack Lovelace smells a corpse…and a job for his girlfriend Juli…Will they find the culprit before a new grave is dug for the next victim?
The Gloves are off in Veil Falls
Someone has an axe to grind with Jerry Watson, favored to win the election…If Juli doesn’t want to visit her favorite sheriff in prison and have ‘The Joker” around for another four years, she’ll have to find the killer…

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